Glidden Gets You Going

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The National Student Advertising Competition is held annually, and is sponsored by a client who provides a case study outlining the history of its product and current advertising situation. For this campaign, our client was Glidden. We were to create a fully integrated marketing communications campaign for Glidden targeted toward three different segments. The purpose of this campaign was to sell more of Glidden’s 2N1 Paint + Primer in Walmart stores nationwide. This is the only 2N1 paint sold at Walmart, so it is the only brand that can claim to get you done faster. This was exactly the product attribute that we chose to convey to our consumers. We used a timeline approach which clearly illustrated that by using Glidden 2N1 you can get done painting, and get back to doing the things you really want to do. This campaign placed first in districts and fourth in the national competition.

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