The Brew

The term “Craft Beer” is associated with small, independent companies that produce small batches and offer a high-quality product. People choose to drink craft beer because there is a wide variety of flavors and offerings. The price point for Craft Beer is all over the place, but people continue to pay whatever it is in search for the next delicious beer to share with their friends. More and more, people are connecting digitally with brands via the Internet and social media. For small Breweries breaking into this territory can be intimidating and expensive.

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The Brew hopes to ease that transition for smaller breweries, and serve as a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for something new to drink. The Brew will offer informational reading and infographics on various types of beer and what characteristics they possess. It will also highlight a new craft beer that everyone is talking about by region, giving information about the brewery as well as where you can buy their beer. The Brew will also offer a ‘forever incomplete list of breweries’.