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UIB Campus Events

UIB: Campus Events is an (on-campus) organization that plans fun events in order to enhance the social and educational benefits of the Johnson & Wales Community. The club puts on (really) creative events such as One Ton Sundae, where you receive a large plastic keepsake bucket and are allowed to fill it with as much ice cream as possible. They also hold events such as Pumpkin Painting, and at the end of the year, a three day weekend filled with a carnival, concert, and 3k run. In the past, UIB has brought in performers such as Lupe Fiasco, 3oh!3, and Snoop Dogg. My role in the organization was the Graphics Coordinator. As Graphics Coordinator I was responsible for creating the posters and assisting in the advertising efforts. During my time with UIB our overall attendance went up 62%. These are some of the posters I created for the club which were hung all over campus.
Year 2013
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